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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Care FAQ

The optimal height for lawn cutting is 3-3.5 inches. Taller grass is more resistant the effects of heat and drought. Most importantly, taller grass provides shade at ground level, thus hindering the development of weeds. As a result, less chemicals are required to control weed growth.
You don’t want to cut your grass too often. Over cutting your grass too short will cause it to burn and die during the summer months. This also exposes your lawn to weed growth. After the rapid spring growth, cutting to 3 inches sets the president for the duration of the season. When the spring growth has slowed and the first mow is complete, weekly mowing will be suitable.
Only water your lawn after long stretches of hot sun without ample rain water. Water your lawn deeply one or two times a week to a maximum of one inch for 15-30 minutes. A rain gauge can help ensure the proper amount is given. The best time to water is in the early morning between 6:00-10:00 am, as wet grass in the hot afternoon sun can burn. Early morning water allows excess water to evaporate and prevents fungus growth.
Nobody has to be home when your lawn is being cared for. All we need is access to all areas of your property that have grass and gardens.
Yes, we do offer experienced landscaping services for elevating the look of your lawn or garden.

Snow Removal FAQ

Our snow removal plows are designed to not damage your driveway. Our operators are also very experienced and know how high or low to set the plow angle without damaging your driveway.
We strive to provide you cost-effective snow removal services. If you are worried about the cost connect with our professionals and discuss your unique needs and to get a feel for the cost. After receiving your free quote you can decide if the services are right for you.

Snowstorms can last for many hours. The length of snowstorm and variety of precipitation conditions decide the time to plow your residential streets. As soon as the storm begins to settle our teams go out right away and start clearing.

Our team uses a variety of bobcats outfitted with plows or snow blowers. For commercial properties we use much larger machines with larger plows for faster clearing.
In the snow removal service sodium chloride is used as a primary ice-removal and ice-control chemical..

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