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Ottawa Sodding

Ottawa Sodding Pros

We specialize in revitalizing lawns that are damaged in certain areas or lawns that are in need of full replacement. We are committed to using only the finest sod available that is resistant to heat and drought so your lawn has the best chance of looking lush and green all summer long with proper maintenance.

Outstanding Pricing Since 1998

DGM landscaping has the best sodding sources at the best prices. Avoid paying big chain pricing for lower quality sod. Instead shop local and enjoy professional installation that will greatly increase your homes curb appeal.

Why Sodding is Better than Reseeding

Is your current lawn in rough condition or completely dead? There are a few factors to consider before starting a reseeding plan over new sod. The affected areas of your lawn could be subject to disease or irreparable weed damage, the area might also be affected by high foot traffic or an extreme slope, if any of these apply than sodding is the better option. When our team sods we can readjust the slope with professional grading and reinforce high traffic areas. For those who want to seed, it is also important to keep in mind that it is a much longer process which requires careful maintenance, so if you are looking for a faster permanent fix you will want to go with sodding. 


Trimming and Laying Experts

Trimming and laying sod requires experienced measurements and knowledge for lasting results. Miscut or poorly trimmed sod is visibly noticeable and will throw off the look of any hardscaping it surrounds. The sod is also less likely to set properly and may shift or move in an undesirable way. 

Old Sod Removal and disposal

When you choose DGM you can count on professional removal and disposal of old sod with minimal mess. We have large hauling trucks to get the sod out of your way quickly and efficiently. The removal and disposal is included in your new sod installation!

What makes for good quality sod?

  • Soil thickness: Good sod should have 1” of soil attached to its bottom. Too much soil and the roots can’t grow through. Too little soil and the roots won’t establish themselves fully.
  • Fertilization: Properly fertilized sod is drought-resistant. It also has nice looking, consistent shade of green that helps the sod tolerate the installation process.
  • Grass strength: Weak grass leads to weak sod. A mature layer of grass should have tons of roots, consistent colour, and at least 2” in length.
  • Harvesting Timeframe: Once sod is cut from the farm, it should be installed within 8 hours. Anything longer and you risk the sod dying once it’s laid down

What Clients Are Saying

I had a pretty straightforward weed control, edging, and mulching project that DGM did a great job on. The crew exceeded my expectations in making everything look well-groomed and cleaned up their work areas completely before they left. I plan to use them again and would refer them to family and friends.

Providing the finest property landscaping
management and snow removal services.