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Lawn Maintenance

Our History and Experience

Spend less time keeping up with constant yard work and upkeep. Instead focus on enjoying a beautiful landscape in both the front and back of your home. DGM Landscaping Inc specializes in maintaining all aspects of your yard. You can count on us to take care of the grass, weeds, flowers and hedges during the spring, summer and fall. 

Maintaining Beautiful Landscapes Since 1998

Our team is proud to service a large number of Ottawa home’s throughout the seasons. We have the experience plus a large variety of highly powerful and modern tools and machines. This allows for more precise care and much faster service. DGM provides landscaping maintenance for both residential and commercial properties.

The Grass is Greener with DGM Landscaping

Why Do Pro Lawn Care?

There are many benefits to professional lawncare. By staying consistent with lawn maintenance tasks, while using the right equipment and products you will begin to see noticeable differences which includes more healthy looking grass, cleaner lines along pathways, a massive reduction in weeds and an overall reduction in unwanted bugs such as mosquitoes. When you put it all together you get more enjoyment out of your front and backyard as well as greater curb appeal and a higher home value. 

Mowing Services

We provide golf course level upkeep and equipment when it comes to keeping lawns freshly mowed, edged and cared for. Enjoy greener and more precisely cut grass that looks awesome. Get in touch today and we will work with your schedule and budget to determine the level of care and frequency you need for the season. 

Experienced Operators

Our mowing team has gone through an excellent training regime to ensure they are using the equipment properly while getting the most out of it. This allows for faster service and safe operation, preventing any damage to objects and gardens.

Weed Control & Weed Removal

Weed control can be a grueling and tiresome process when preformed yourself and often times the weeds will resurface after a short period of time. At DGM we have developed proper solutions for dealing with pesky weeds. Our team uses safe certified and environmentally friendly sprays that precisely target unwanted weeds for more permanent results while preserving the surrounding environment. We also have various tools and techniques for removal.

Battling Weeds and Unwanted Bugs

Unfortunately the battle against weeds and bugs is a never ending one, as spores will come in from neighbouring yards and fields. Some areas are more negatively affected than others depending on the volume of surrounding weeds. DGM works to consistently keep your home weed free and bug free throughout the seasons.  

What Clients Are Saying

I had a pretty straightforward weed control, edging, and mulching project that DGM did a great job on. The crew exceeded my expectations in making everything look well-groomed and cleaned up their work areas completely before they left. I plan to use them again and would refer them to family and friends.

Providing the finest property landscaping
management and snow removal services.