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Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal can be complex and requires the right machines. Our fleet and operators are here to keep your business running smoothly.

Residential Snow Removal

Enjoy prompt 24-hour service all winter long. When snow storms hit you can count on DGM to clear your driveway quickly. Enjoy handy snow clearing notifications & updates.

Snow Hauling & Removal

When snow builds up after a multitude of snow storms our hauling crews get out there and clear disruptive snow piles from your property.

Shoveling & Ice Control

We go where machines cant reach. Enjoy professional pathway clearing and salting. Pair this service with snow blowing for the ultimate worry free winter. 

Commercial Snow Removal

The DGM team has been providing fast and efficient snow removal services to commercial properties in Ottawa since 1998. We have powerful machines and experienced commercial operators to clear large lots properly after snow storms. 

Strategic Planning & Execution

Snow removal is a reflection of your business. Get experienced service all season and enjoy prompt salting, snow clearing and snow hauling. Keep parking lots and pathways in excellent condition. Contact us today to learn why businesses choose DGM and receive your free comprehensive commercial quote. 

Top Rated Ottawa Snow Removal

DGM offers snow removal services you can depend on no matter how hard winter hits. We have a wide variety of snow clearing machines from traditional bobcats fitted with buckets, to bobcats with powerful snow blowing attachments. We also have large snow hauling trucks to remove snow pile obstructions. Add on hand shoveling and salting for pathway clearing and ice control. Try DGM for a season and see why we are rated 5-stars! 

Same Day Snow Clearing

Powerful machines are more efficient in the hands of experienced operators. Our residential operators ensure no damage to your driveway or property and fast same day snow clearing when storms hit.  

Every winter DGM fields one of Ottawa’s largest snow removal fleets which includes a large number of bobcats, commercial snow removal and hauling machines. You can depend on prompt same day snow clearance after a storm and professional snow hauling. Contact us today for your free seasonal snow quote.

In addition to a large fleet of machines, DGM has teams of shovelers and ice control specialists that you can rely on throughout the winter. Our shovel teams go where machines can’t reach such as walkways leading to your home’s main entrance. For a full worry free winter pair driveway snow removal with pathway shoveling services. 

Why Choose DGM for Snow Removal?

Why Do Pro Lawn Care?

DGM has a team of well-trained and professionals that specialize in removing snow of the highest level, our teams also use the most modern and powerful equipment and we have a large fleet of machines and teams meaning we get the job done faster after major storms. We strive to provide customized services to suit each homeowner’s specific needs. We keep our focus on helping people with better snow removal services and give more value to their expectations. Apart from this, we keep our prices low to make our snow removal services cost-effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our snow removal plows are designed to not damage your driveway. Our operators are also very experienced and know how high or low to set the plow angle without damaging your driveway. 

We strive to provide you cost-effective snow removal services. If you are worried about the cost connect with our professionals and discuss your unique needs and to get a feel for the cost. After receiving your free quote you can decide if the services are right for you. 

Snowstorms can last for many hours. The length of snowstorm and variety of precipitation conditions decide the time to plow your residential streets. As soon as the storm begins to settle our teams go out right away and start clearing. 

Our team uses a variety of bobcats outfitted with plows or snow blowers. For commercial properties we use much larger machines with larger plows for faster clearing. 

In the snow removal service sodium chloride is used as a primary ice-removal and ice-control chemical..

We have used DGM Landscaping for years...Wonderful job of trimming our trees. Always great service and professionalism and skill. Do a good clean up afterwards I would highly recommend them

Providing the finest property landscaping
management and snow removal services.